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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Just" How Disrespectful Are You To An Artist

It's been a minute since I've blogged in this tone i.e vent/mini rant.

But I wanted to share my rage feelings and thoughts about the word "Just"

Let's look at it again.....

" Just"

As a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist I hear that word often, and over the course of 8 years, it has become an instant trigger for this reaction:

But why Saj? Okay, I'll tell you

Phone call exibit A: " Hi I'm Someone That Wants Your Services But I Don't Really Respect What You Do,  I'd like to know how much it is JUST for my makeup and hair to be done for my uber important event"

Phone call exhibit B: " Hi I'm Another Person That Wants Your Services But I Don't Really See The Need To Pay You,  I too have an uber important event and JUST need makeup and hair so how much"

Phone call exhibit C: "Hi I'm One Of Those and I was referred to you by one of your clients, I'd like to know how much is it for JUST my makeup and hair to be done".

Do you see it?! ( stay with me, can u tell the emotion as I type?)

Why is there a need to add the word JUST in front of my services? I'd understand if included in a package was a new car and lifetime supply of protein powder, so you'd only JUST want makeup and hair....not the new car.

I do makeup and hair, what else could I provide but just makeup and hair?

You may think oh it's just a way of speaking. Actually, no, it's a way of being disrespectful to my profession and expertise, you are immediately, upon contact downgrading my services with the tone that this really should be craigslist cheap since it's JUST MAKEUP.

These phone calls ALWAYS end the same way, " Okay well I'm still calling other people for more prices so I'll get back to you"

(Shout out to the previous artists that they called that stuck with their rates!)

Phone Call C is always my favorite, If you were referred by a previous client, 99% sure they told you how much they paid, so you prepared your fave word "Just", because you've decided you should pay less.

I've even had the " Oh that much for just my hair? I really only need JUST curls since I'm no good at curling my own hair"

Ma'm that is actually why you should pay me.

To my fellow colleagues, understand that they are 100% aware of what you can do for them, they are 100% aware of your value, because someone at some point told them. You cannot blame someone really for trying to score a bargain, but do not be sucked into lowering yourself below your standard of business.  See this POST on standard of business and this POST on working for free.

Do you call Lowes and ask how much is it to JUST install a fence? chances are you don't.

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  1. PREACHHHHHHHHH! It's all about respecting your expertise!! I always tell people, if someone has a skill/talent, it's either in your budget or NOT...DO NOT call and bargain and try to act like that person is overcharging or you JUST want this so they should lower their prices!! If you think they are overcharging, then you simply can't afford them. Just walk away!! Don't act like they don't have the right to charge for their talent!!! Ughhhh

  2. You are so right and I agree completely. Thank you for writing this!


  3. I forgot to say, that cat looks exactly like mine!! :-)