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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ask Saj: How to Make Eyeshadow Last

 Chanelle S asks: 
 "How do you get eye shadow to stay/look bold. I have oily skin 
and when I put on eye shadow it always wipes off or I don't really see it."

Hey Chanelle! 

 In order to have bold long lasting eye makeup, it's important to prime your eye lids before applying eyeshadow. Here are a few easy tips that will help your shadow work way better for you.

Priming the Eye Lid: 

-When applying your foundation or concealer you should also apply it over your eyelids. (not to much  or it will crease)

- Do not powder the foundation/concealer over the eyes, your eyeshadow will act as your setting powder as the "wet" texture will allow the shadow to grab on.

- Apply your eyeshadow. If you do see a crease blend it out with your finger before applying eyeshadow. 

Instead of using your foundation or concealer to do this, you can also use an eye primer which was formulated for this exact reason and is available in many brands and different price points. This is a great option for the ladies that prefer powder foundations.

Additionally I like to use cream eye shadows as a base which works just a well. Check out the swatches below to see the differences in using the options mentioned above to prime eyes.

Using these tips can definitely make a cheap shadow look good and a good shadow even better. If you find that there are still issues in the way the shadow applies then it's time to dump that shadow and get a different brand.

Hope this helps!

Check out some eye primer options below:

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