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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Think Twice about Vendor/Client Relationships

I found this video in a post from a fellow MUA and since then I have shared it with my "Creative" friends, Makeup artists, Visual Artists, Graphic Artists, Dancers and the list goes on.

Its amazing as to how people expect us to accept this Bulls#%$t, what we do is 100% skill,
with 100% training, and obviously not everyone can do it...right? So show some respect and think twice before doing this.....
 'Cause I will call you out on that  Bull...

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  1. I literally just wrote about this issue in my blog yesterday..and this was the video I was looking for to post and couldn't find lol!

  2. LOL well there you go hunni!!!! we will eradicate this crap!

  3. Boy Sara, God bless you for sharing this. I HATE dealing with people and this crap.

  4. Do what I do...don't deal with it!!!!! This is a skill and a talent that we were blessed with in the creative industry that we have taken and nurtured into a profession and a career. Stand your ground :) thats all we have to do **steps off soapbox**

  5. lol..."show us how you did it so we could do it ourselves" yeah right