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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Deva Cut and Experience

It was time, time to get my curly mushroom mullet shaped.

I spent some time doing research on what the Deva Cut is, the technique for both cutting and styling. Based on the (tons) of reviews on Internet land I made an informed decision. After 2 years of growing my hair with zero cuts and trims.. girl...u need to get this mop cut.

Initially I planned on waiting until I was in New York to go to the actual Devachan salon but I realized the "Review cuts" that I saw that I really loved were done by independent stylists trained in the Deva technique.

I also figured it's the same way we advise never trust a makeup artist that uses only ONE brand of product, an independent stylist won't be forced to use only the Deva products and instead would really do what my hair needs.

That's where I found Curltopia a curly hair salon here in Georgia! I booked my appointment with stylist Staci, I saw lots of positive reviews for her and they were all telling the truth!

Now to the good stuff.

I co-washed my hair the day before and styled it as usual so that I went in with second day hair. ( look at me using all these naturalista terms! )

Air drying before and day after hair before my appointment

She started shaping my hair dry based on a picture I had of a shape I liked, from You Tuber Summer Kellsey that was similar in length to my hair.
Hair shape inspiration pic from Summer Kellsey who also had a Deva Cut

I really wanted to keep as much of my length as possible with minimal bangs ( hate those..) and flexibility in the front to switch up parts etc.

Then we went to the shampoo bowl, I have to say it was the most comfortable shampoo bowl I've ever experienced, being 6ft tall the shampoo part is always a painful neck breaking experience for me, but not this time, yay!

She cleansed and conditioned my hair with Jane Carter products and spent time de-tangling with fingers only.

The styling products proved to be the tricky part ( which I expected) the Deva styling products did not work for my hair as they were not conditioning enough for my thirsty hair ...srsly thirsty..and ended up flaking at one point. So we washed that out and went in with Miss Jessie's Curl Pudding and Buttercreme combo while "noodling"

After I was dry she went back in to cut and shape some more and bring life to my hair.

The official before picture: 

BEFORE Deva Cut, in my 4 texture, thirsty hair, mushroom mullet glory...

one more time for the mushroom case you thought i was joking


After Deva Cut Shape! Shine! Definition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Deva Cut !!!!!!!

After Deva Cut at home selfies yay! 

I love my cut so much! I also learnt a lot on how to handle the multiple textures in my hair, I have about 4.5 extremely visible different textures.

The Miss Jessie's products did work great to give me definition and shine but I'm not 100% crazy about the slightly crunchy texture, I do prefer slightly bigger/softer curls.

I've since washed and styled my hair using my regular products after having my Deva cut and the difference is so dramatic. I usually loose about 10 lbs of hair with each wash, I kid you not, two giant balls of hair, this time only a few strands of hair came out.. did you get that? a few.strands.

Staci has a loyal customer for the rest of my curly hair life.

Are you a curly girl? I'd love to hear your experience if you've had a Deva cut!

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at

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