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Saturday, November 9, 2013

My New Glam Makeup Vanity

A forever dream of mine was to have a Makeup Vanity where I could sit like a Hollywood starlet and get all pretty for my day. Years later now married with a new home it's been back in my thoughts even more. I finally decided that I should NEED to have my little "space". Now on to deciding what it should be!

I obsessed for months trying to decide if I should go with a vintage style or super modern, I knew for a fact that I didn't want to just have a "table", this baby had to be sparkly special.

*fast forward weeks of searching on Pinterest for vanities*

It was then I stumbled on a mirrored vanity. Need.want.please can I haz.

I found so many options online at different price points but I hesitated with them all, for me that usually means it's not the one, and I am so happy I did.

*cue music and spotlight*

The most random find in Home Goods, okay maybe not as random since I'm live in visit there often, but to my defense I didn't plan on going that day, I swear! It was perfect! The size height and finish!

*side bar* Can I take a moment to talk about a rude lady that shoved stepped in front of me while I was admiring my table, I turned and purchased that so fast she didn't even see it coming. * evil laugh*  HA! Saj-1 Rude Lady-0

Now to find a mirror for the wall above! Originally I planned on a rectangle shaped mirror to hang above, but I decided on this piece:

Another random find, I went to Ikea to prep for a shoot and walked past this mirror. I've seen this mirror a hundred times and was never interested in it, but that day I stopped at its perfectness for this project.

Yay DIY time!

I painted it a few different shades of grey and silver to give it a Pewter finish, I was aiming for a slightly darker tone to the table.

Here is the finished set up!

My makeup now happily lives in a cute 5 drawer acrylic box, where they enjoy being on display.

I accessorized with a crystal beaded table top mirror and crystal perfume bottles and chair from TjMaxx.

I'm still hoarding adding cute little knick knacks to it, I'm trying my best not to cover the entire surface of the table lol. I also plan on printing two of my wedding photos for the small frame.

Do you have a special vanity set up? I'd love to see!



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  1. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoy your site and style! You're great! I was looking for a makeup table, lighted mirrors and all of the essentials as I am opening a makeup center in a salon near where I live. It was a pleasure to have come across you!
    Kim Fay