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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Top Beauty Looks at the MET

The MET Ball 2012 is by far one of the most important events for the Fashion Industry, it's the Oscars of Fashion.

It is also one of the rare occasions for joint mingling of super models and screen stars, which to me makes and interesting scene as you get to witness the truth of couture between a 6ft Supermodel vs a 5ft Starlet.

With show stopping couture, this is not the event to play it "safe". Who brought a show stopping face?

 Here are my top picks below:

JESSICA ALBA: FTW! Face perfection, hair perfection, dress love! 

LANA DEL REY: Another dark lip with metallic dress, loved her look overall

KATE BOSWORTH: anyone seeing a trend yet? Love the matching lip to her sexy fringed dress and sleek hair

CAMILLA BELLE: mmm hmm chocolatey goodness! love everything on her!

KARLIE KLOSS: Colour never looked so fierce!

ROONEY MARA: Loved the bold lip, I wish she did a bit more, but she was flawless as always


AMBER HEARD: Gorgeous skin and bright lip on a classic look

SCARLETTE JOHANSSON: I like the messy undone-ness ( is that a word?) of her look, she almost looks like
she was making out in the coat room :P

KAROLINA KURKOVA: That face, between those sequins. #thatisall

JESSICA STAM: Love her silver minty eyes and light brows

Overall I have to say Jessica Alba was my fave of the evening, she looked amazing! Who was your favourite?

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