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Monday, June 18, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish

Sally Hansen is no doubt a leader in all things Mani Pedi and as a lover of their Salon Effects I was super excited to see their launch into the magnetic polish game.

Firstly they stand out from the crowd with a wider range of colours to choose from! I did do a previous review on Nails Inc Magnetic Polish from Sephora  (click for that review) which was only available in gun metal and a purpley colour.

So what colour shall I choose? I did pick this up while shopping for a Beauty Editorial ( to come soon :D) so I chose the shade 904-Kinetic Copper

How it Works: 
The polish comes with a magnetic cap which will activate the design within the polish. I first applied one coat and let that dry, then applied a second coat and used the magnet top to activate the design, be careful not to get too close or it will smudge.

Goes on like a dream, the first coat is completely solid, it also looks great without using the magnet ( I did forget to take a picture of that part )
Wet nails! Loving the copper sparkle!

I absolutely love this colour and the polish itself, it definitely has more dimension to it than other magnetic polishes that I've tried. It has sparkly glitter in it also makes it amazing but not in an obnoxious glitter type way ( is there such a thing?). I love the way it shows only in between the magnetic swirls giving more life to the overall design.

Sajies love magnetic sparkly amazingness!

Only question left is whats the next shade I should try!

What shade are you picking up?

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