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Monday, June 6, 2011

Saj Mysteries: Case of the Lace Front Brow

Saj, Bess and George were taking a drive in her blue convertible to have lunch at a darling cafe.....

Sorry I had a moment there ^.^

First let me begin with a link to my previous posts on eyebrows check out Brow Behavior 1 and Brow Behavior 2 and my personal Brow Regimen .

Now within these posts you will see examples of terrible brows such as the Sperm Brow and the Chicola brow etc and of happy well shaped and well defined brows. Well just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water raise your brows...a new Browster raises its ugly head....fml

The Lace Front Brow :/

While you may think hmm the brow shape is "nice"( sigh) what's she talking about?

 What I'm talking about is the difference between a lace front shawty and Tyra banks.

The over emphasized over drawn eyebrow..It doesn't matter how awesome the shape is once you pick up that 2-4 shades lighter than my skin tone concealer and "clean up" around your brows or "define" it you will be left walking out looking a hot mess.

For those of you saying oohh the first pic isn't blended...blended and still a hot mess

The light halo effect makes these heavily drawn on brows look 5D.... and they look exactly like a bad lace front wig i .e "I'm dark but watch me rock this light beige lace on my unnaturally straight hairline wig"

Why would you wan't someone saying "Girlll your brows are drawn on tight!" as opposed to "Girl you have nice brows!"

This trend has me completely flabbergasted with so many questions Why? Who said? How Come? Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????

Then it hit me...

Drag Queen "Make Artists", let me say I have nothing against gay guys/girls or gay guys that dress in drag (not all do), but when you decide to become a makeup artist and you are now working on women, its important that you know your drag techniques do not apply to a real woman.
The same also goes for WOMEN who look at the amazing drag transformations and go ohhh that face is beat let me do that on myself.

Check out some examples from the amazing Petrilude doing his Misty Maven Transformation. I'm pretty sure he doesnt do this on his female clients.

Notice the highlighting on the brow?
His new Misty Brows BUT see how natural they look?

Guy's being transformed into Drag MUST do heavy concealing with lighter colours to sculpt their male features into female features. Men in general don't have the defined brow bones or "eye space" for eye shadows/makeup as we women do, hence the blocking of brows and super highlighting of brow bones.

So don't NEED to do this...we already have the structure why are u building more? Thats like adding a second concrete foundation to your already built house roof!

To my fellow mua's that do drag on them selves...please don't use your drag techniques on real women remember to keep the two seperate: working on creating a female look and working on a female.

If this isn't enough, From a theatrical stand point, when we approach aging techniques of an actor/actress for the stage the first thing we do is hit the brow area with heavy highlight that instantly ages the eyes... Why? As aging progresses, the skin looses its elasticity and sags making the brow bone and eye socket appear even more prominent.

So all you fly're aging yourself with 5D "Lace front brows"

I'm pretty sure this post won't make a huge dent *Saj shrug*  but If I can get one girl to say "oh damn! I won't do it again" then my job is done.

If you INSIST on "super defining" your brows please use a SMALL amount your foundation or concealer that MATCHES YOUR SKIN TONE EXACTLY... not lighter...not darker...

Can you tell that I need a drink after this post?...sigh


Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


  1. sheesh I NEED A DRINK after this post!!! sigh...then the AH HAAA, DRAG BROWS light went off, i laughed hysterically then sighed heavily at the clownish nonsense women do to their faces and act like they're all that ughhh!!!

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    You have never lied. I thought this was just an Atlanta thing. It is a mess.

  3. I love you. Thank you. I have been noticing this but dont know how to tell people what they are doing or how it looks, nicely. Need to share this!!

  4. OMGGGGGGGGGG This Post was so needed... they need to knowwwwww.... That Drawn on Super Heavy fake looking brow is not the business... Thankssssssssss

  5. I am so happy you did this. I see gurus teaching this technique, and it screams "fake" but no one looks natural with these two shades lighter, and the next post should be that under eye light/bright. Comeonson!

  6. "and the next post should be that under eye light/bright." ...PLEASE AND THANKS A WHOLEBUNCHMILLIONBILLIONGAZILLION!!!!!!

  7. ohhhh chileeee the under eye mess...sigh..when i get more wine to calm my nerves while typing! LOL

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