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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brow Behavior: Part 2

"If eyes are the windows to your soul...then brows are the drapes"......Quote unknown

Ok ladies.... Whats your brow status?...
Are you the...

The Shaveitalloffdrawathincrookedline brow?

The Over Plucked Sperm brow?

The confused double shaped brow?

The Ishavedoffmyunibrowtodrawitbackon Brows?

The Times New Roman Brows?

If you've answered yes to any of the's time for a Browtervention.

Start growing in those babies and see your local Brow Guru for a consultation. (...please...)

If you still insist on trying yourself ( mabe you've had a bad experience...once again here are some rules to follow:

1. Where to begin: Your brows should start at the beginning of your eye and end at the edge of your eye..not start from the middle of your nose bridge and end at your temple..

2. Don't over pluck...chicola thin brows are NEVER ok ( see first picture)

3. Don't Under pluck! un-groomed brows are just as bad! If you don't want to change the shape...comb your brows upwards and trim with a cuticle scissors so they lay smooth

4. Don't arch prematurely: Your natural arch would fall above your pupil..not before..not after. Try not to make it too high for fear of an evil witch very mad..

5. Product Right: Many makeup lines have brow kits with everything you need, brow powder for filling and a wax to keep hairs tamed and in place, investing in a great one will help tremendously in your grooming just be sure to choose the correct shades.  With that said...Run far away from black pencils...very...far...away...RUN! If you have black hair.. a dark brown will be fine..never black! (eekk)

Maybe I will never ever post a pic of my brows before I learnt better ...........maybe.. ;)

Have happy brows!
^^^^Happy brows!! ^^^^

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  1. the roman times one is famous in antigua!

  2. is my makeup site and blog. You killed me with this. I personally hate the "sperm brow" and the Times New Roman literally made me laugh out loud!

    Much Love!