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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lip What?!

So after reading an interesting post on Lip Liners I though i'd do a quick tutorial game called 
"LIP WHAT!?"  
but first some Lipliner-ducation:

Common Lip Liner Fails Myths Misconceptions :

1. Brown is a lip liner is in existence
2. Brown lip liner looks good
3. Black lip liner is in existence
4. Black lip liner looks good
5. The line in lip liner means draw a line on ur lips (smh)

The Truth:

1.Lip liners are used to create a base for your lip colour or gloss.
 2.They usually come in shades complimentary to lipstick and lipgloss colours. 
3. They are used to create a longer lasting lipstick application and will prevent the lip colour from bleeding into fine lines. 
4. You should fill in your lips completely with your lip liner. Unless you have a perfect match to your lip colour

If you are going for a natural look, almost every makeup line has 1 or 3 Neutral Shades that go across the board for ALL skin tones. Yes I said all skin tones.

Here's the Game: 

The pictures below are also based on the argument that BROWN is better than BLACK...well yes in terms of Eyebrow pencils/powders....but lips?? 

whoa!! How about none!
 Look at the pics all three feature "LIP" liners...Guess why only ONE looks good 
( same gloss was used in all pics)

Answer in the last pic :P



Answer: Ding ding ding!!!!!! only ONE is a Lip liner....there is NO such thing as a BROWN or BLACK LIP......operative word...LIP..liner if you don't believe me....go dig out that old pencil and read what it says...if the label hasn't rubbed off that is :P

So stop that Burnt Rare steak look...eekk!!!! and just throw on some gloss and call it George Lips

For those who don't believe me that a neutral LIP liner can go for all skin tones, check out the pic below of a behind the scene shot from my Spring Beauty Top 5 shoot , The lip liner that I used above is the same used for all three girls below: 


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  2. nice article saj :)

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  4. Thanx for the tip Saj... :)

  5. DWL .. at least brown lip liner blends
    wowowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was HIGHlarious!

  6. LOL! Now that is some cool info. Amazing what people believe they can get away with!
    Thank you for Sharing