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Monday, February 15, 2010

Brow Behavior! Part 1

I know this is terribly over due but better late than never right? of the most under looked yet still overly done aspects of the face...but how important are brows really?


It's basically the difference between sticking a photo on a wall with tape.. vs being matted,
framed and hung perfectly leveled on the wall...

Your brows should follow the natural shape that they grow in, size is personal preference but keep in mind that the fuller the brow the more youthful your appearance will be while thinner brows can be very harsh to the face.

Many opt for shaving all the hair off and choose instead to draw in their brows daily, this is absolutely fine if you ask me, it's so much more fun to create different brows daily to go with your moods. Be wary tho....its very very very easy for this to go wrong...very...wrong...(eeep!)

For those who leave their brows completely natural...more power to you! However as beautiful as natural brows are....they still need grooming too! trimming t
he "curls" with a cuticle scissors is the best option.

Tattoo whoooo? ...sigh....I have to admit..I am 100000000% against tattooed brows. Yes the excuse is "Oh I'm tired of having to pencil brows in every day" pish tosh! Nothing more different than having to brush your teeth everyday right?! The shapes are so rounded and thick and are hardly ever even or symmetrical....with no wipe off/start again option...(gasp!) Why would you even want the same ( bad ) brow shape for the rest of your life?...I won't even address the greenish ink tinge...

Tools? with all the various options on the market....I stand behind my tweezers!

Personally I find it the best most flexible option for shaping brows as it allows you to get a more detailed shape as opposed to waxing, threading and shaving (shudders)

So what to do? Get them professionally done! and no I don't mean go to a barber shop! SHAPING brows is not the same as a mark out! ( no seriously.....) I've seen the discarded rusty blades used...(cringe)

Look for a Professional Makeup Artist to have them done, there is a technical skill behind the beauty of brows done by a Makeup Artist that can't be reproduced elsewhere!

A perfect example as to the importance of great brows and versatility done right! Below are some stills from Rihanna's new music video "Rude Boy"....notice each image has a totally different brow giving each outfit character while still looking fab!

If you're in my area contact me at: or 268 562 7817
for a MakeupbySaj Brow-Rehab session


Part 2 coming soon......

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at

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