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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My New Kit

So I've FINALLYYYYY gotten my new kit after years of debating what type of kit to get.

I'm not a fan of pouch based kits and I always go for "work station" type kits. So I made the decision to get this baby! I call it the Smack Truck ^_^

IT'S HUGE!!!! Way bigger than I expected and that worried me a bit when I took it out the box but after packing it LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE!

Ok so this is what i've been using since my move, my Set bag carrying all the palettes  and a big drawstring bag carrying skin stuff etc, basically all the "bottles" and hair supplies

Just an idea of Some of the things in the pink set back and duffle bag.


Open drawers with Skin prep, lash tools and lip products. 

So I didn't like the colours of the drawers so I decorated them with my fave assistant. Kittehhh!!!!!

-Holds EVERYTHING AND I still have tonns more room, and for someone that does both hair and makeup this is big!

-Everything is so compact and tidy! sometimes things get a bit crazy on my table while on set and I've used this officially TWICE so far and I barely had makeup on the table.

-Sturdy, on its first trip out hubby didn't set it properly on the back seat and it rolled 360 and crashed into the door...*flatline* *didnt speak to him the rest of the drive* When I got there I opened it up scared to find a mess of broken shadows and NOTHING BUDGED! EVERY STINGLE ITEM WAS EXACTLY IN PLACE! *swoonnn* #luckyhubby.

- Pull wheels making for easy travel and the wheels have this material on them some sort of rubber thats awesome because when I put it on top of a table it doesn't roll.

_ Drawers are removable if you need more space for brush rolls or belts etc, My brush pouches fit right on top. But i prob will find a way to repack to remove one drawer to fit my hot irons in that space.


-While its great that it holds everything it does make the kit heavy since all the weight is in one as opposed to being distributed. Stairs will make me sweat with this baby lol

- I don't think it can be used as carry on for a flight havent tried it yet but I'm pretty sure its to big so thats a downside. *I will update when I take it on my next trip*

- The colour of the drawers meh..i wish it was just all clear or all black.
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  1. WOW that is a GREAT bag!! Who makes it and where did you order it from?

  2. Hi! what a great bag, where did you purchase it?


  3. Hey! Soooo sorry for the delay in my response! I didn't realize all comments were set to being moderated and were waiting approval! :O I purchased it from Nigels Beauty their store is in LA but you can call :)