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Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty Blender Dupe Review: A Failure of Epic Proportions

...Okay so maybe I shouldn't have put that as the post title saving it for the end of the review, but I kid you not..... It was THAT bad. * facepalm*


Let''s start with the original. The Beauty Blender which everyone knows, unless you've been living under a caboodle kit rock is an amazing pink egg sponge developed by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva.

Beauty Blender Duo Set with Cleanser

It's latex free, reusable and it's unique shape makes applying product a breeze. Used wet or dry, texture provides a flawless finish to your complexion products i.e no more brush streaks.

The sponge also has it's special cleaner which removes all product leaving your egg like new, ready for it's next use. I don't recommend using any other cleaner besides the Beauty Blender cleaner. I've made that mistake in a rush and there was soap coming out of it for weeks! It was like my egg had rabies. >_<

These pink babies are a staple in my kit and almost everyone of my clients that I've used it on have gone out to purchase one for themselves. I even had one client who said she is buying it to put moisturizer on because the feeling of sponge is simply therapeutic  I didn't have the heart to tell her that's actually my touch lol I kid!

The company has since launched the Beauty Blender pure which is a white egg and now the Beauty Blender Pro which is a black egg.
Single Beauty Blenders, Original, Pro, Pure $19.95
A Beauty Blender comes in at $19.95 for a sponge only and $32.95 for sponge and cleaner set.

So naturally when I came across the Yellow Egg at T. J Max for $4.99 I thought hmm... why not! ..honestly it was the yellow that got me...not even the price tag. Yellow egg sponge will now be known as Yolk.

I used it last weekend while working. As I took Yolk out of the package for the first time, I instantly knew it would be a fail. The texture of it was completely smooth and slick, not porous at all and very heavy, not squishy. ( yes you love my technical terms)

On the package it said " Use wet, sponge expands when wet"  I only use my Beauty Blenders wet so naturally I wet Yolk and set it down to let it absorb the water while I prepped my client.

Mr. Yolk...was barely damp. Not even the water could absorb, I had to literally drown it for it to absorb the water. Then it was just like a rock and lost it's shape in a very deformed way as I squeezed the excess water out. The Beauty Blender just bounces back to it's glory, I actually started making faces and different shapes on Mr.  Playdough Yolk

Left: Beauty Blender        Right: Yolk 

Sponges wet.  Scrambled Yolk? O_o
Naturally as I like to torture myself, I still decided to use it with my beloved Face Atelier foundation, it just smeared over the sponge and disappeared with nothing left but a stain.

R.I.P Face Atelier swatch :(

I placed Yolk back in it's box.

The End.

Sajies Say: " I can't"

You don't even go here Yolk!!!

P.S I've decided I'm going to attempt to clean it then stick jewels on it for a super cute paper weight! yay!

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  1. Thank you for preventing me from buying one on eBay. I'm getting the original from Beauty Bay :D

  2. I have one and I love it:) Maybe you got a bad one? :/