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Friday, March 8, 2013

My (Natural) Hair Routine

Since I've posted a few instagram pics of my hair, I've been asked quite a few times as to what products I use, what my "hair routine" is etc.

I've shied away from answering because I in no way consider myself a "naturalista", not that there is anything wrong with it, I however simply consider my hair an accessory that I choose to change, wear , style as I feel like.

I've also been asked what my hair texture is, and I've heard a few "grades" being thrown around, same like weave, I only know tripple A batteries and Grade A eggs.... hair...I have no idea.

It's curly, puffy and confused at times lol, thats the best I can do!


I went through a few products, some were products I always used when I was natural, but they didn't work any more, ( my hair and skin is not happy with Georgia water so everything is confused, bear with me..) others I liked but they left such awful residue in my hair by the second day, others made my skin (forehead) break out.

What I finally ended up trying was Curls: Effortless, Fizz Free Custom Curls Cocktails 

I really like the way these products work and smell! they smell amazing like marshmellows and coconuts..nom nom!

There is also ZERO product build matter how much you gunk on daily and has no effect on my skin, which is important. When hair products get heated by the environment and by your scalp/body temperature, they can melt and run on to your face during the day causing massive breakouts.

This is why hiding acne with bangs is a no no!

Did I mention they smell amazing?! ^_^

Now for my routine, It really isn't anything special but here it is!


-Shampoo with Cleansing Cream and Condition with Coconut Sublime Conditioner every Sunday

-Detangle with Quenched Curls

-Twist or Braid with Whipped Cream

-Air Dry


-Refresh with Quenched Curls

-Comb out twists or braids

-Apply Whipped Cream

-Scrunch curls lol depending on the work day


Products Used:

Cleansing Cream $15.00

Coconut Sublime Conditioner $20.00

Quenched Curls $16

Whipped Cream $17

My only need or want for these products would be shine, it could be my greedy hair, but I definitely feel the need to add a shine product to the mix, I will prob grab some coconut oil to add to the mix and see how it goes!

These can be purchased at your local Beauty Supply or Target

What do you use on your natural hair? Comment below!

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


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