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Friday, February 1, 2013

New Product Review: Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation

Forgive my absence and neglect for my blog posts, I promise this year I will do better :)

Now to the good stuff!

Make Up For Ever has recently launch a new foundation, and of course being a fan of their products...guess who had to go grab one! ^_^

I picked one up at Sephora, it was a little difficult to find my shade as they didn't even have the testers yet. I almost left the store thinking they didn't have it yet, luckily they did, it just wasn't displayed. Score!

They had these cute complexion cards with 4 samples in them set in your "complexion" group. I tried all the shades in the tan but they didn't fit.

Eventually after earning my tiger facial stripes with testing the powders we settled on my HD Foundation shade which is 128.

Pro Finish Foundation Shade 128 after  wet use. I was so excited to try I forgot the brand new pic lol

Can we pause for a second for me to tell you after she gave me compact 128 I was distracted by something sparkly and dropped it! :O ...yep... I dropped it.*hangs head* We switched it to the only one left, apparently there were only two 128's. I gripped that new compact with all my life, checked out and ran home.

Only to be disappointed that it's STILL too dark. I think I will need one shade lighter for this. Keep this in mind when buying your own, they might generally be 1 shade darker than your usual MUFE shade.

Now I won't go into the fancy description of the product, but we will break it down sajville style.

Texture: It's a compact powder...but it's not. It literally feels like moisturiser when you rub your fingers on it. Super soft and creamy! so AH-MAZING.

I first tried it DRY on my left side with a buffing brush and it smoothed on like butter..literally, I applied tonns to that side ( still dry) and the coverage layered but not once did it look cakey. My skin looked like I just used a gel/liquid type foundation.

*Insert mind blown here*

For the right side I tried it wet with a brush ( similar to the brush used in the instructional videos on their website) Same thing! super smooth and not cakey. I will say that applying wet seems to make it more sheer, almost like a tinted moisturizer so it didn't cover as much so I went over it with the dry brush to finish.

Left: Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki for Dry application
Right: Sigma Tapered Kabuki for Wet Application

Seriously, it layers like a dream!

I blended it well enough to wear for the day ( approximately 9 hours with no touch ups) I did look like I was ready for summer lol.

Before fresh brow brooming, exfoliated and After..ta daa!!!!

Long Lasting: My skin remained flawless, with a tiny bit of shine ( I have oily skin), there was no creasing or cakey look which sometimes comes from wearing a lot of powder.

After I got home I experimented further by applying my HD Foundation OVER it and it looked like heaven. Like I said...Layers like a dream!

This will definitely become a staple in my kit

What They Say:
PRO FINISH, the versatile, multi-use compact foundation for a flawless complexion in just minutes.
“A compact foundation that is very quick to apply and produces true professional results—that’s what makes PRO FINISH innovative.”
PRO FINISH is easy to apply and technically advanced thanks to its innovative, sophisticated, 100% adaptable formula. With this universal compact foundation, every woman can do her own makeup like a pro.
The product’s unique texture can be used wet or dry for a natural effect every time, with a full, matte or sheer, semi-matte finish. What’s unique about that? The answer is that whether wet or dry, PRO FINISH can be reapplied as needed and yet remain light. It is extremely malleable, making it perfect for touch-ups while still achieving a natural look.
Applied dry with its sponge, PRO FINISH corrects and evens out the complexion with an instant matte coating that erases imperfections. Wet, it acts like a second skin to brighten up the skin tone and even out the color. The foundation dries in seconds, leaving a delicate, powdery finish. Whether wet or dry, the delicate material allows for greater, buildable coverage.
The results: an instantly natural, professional look, flawless matte coverage, and long-lasting performance. Impeccable.
The PRO FINISH compact hides a secret: a high-tech formula that meets all of Dany Sanz’s demanding requirements.

Sajies Say:

Love! Need! Must.Have.More!

Shop your Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation at Sephora!

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


  1. slick! now i need to grab ... off to sephora... great blog post and blog too!

  2. just got mine and it looks like it will be my goto powder from now on. I have so many but this one is so silky and when applied lightly it makes your skin look so dreamy

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