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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Girls Run for your Life Night out with Sheckys

Hello to my readers! I must apologize for going MIA with the blog, time was just against me, so hopefully I can keep up now. *hands you glitter cupcakes* ^_^

Sadly this post is one of annoyance...... due to these people:

Where do I begin?! Ok I'll start at the beginning. I attended a beauty event hosted by Pretty City Atlanta last where which I blogged about HERE. It was a great experience and wonderful atmosphere. I unfortunatelty had to work on the evening it was held this year so I had to miss it.

Then I came across an event hosted by Sheckys Atlanta. Checked the website out and It looked all exciting with a chic chick logo with pictures from previous events, there was a Maybelline Colour Studio lab with makeovers and everything! Ooooooooooo!

Check out the logo's sheckys goodie bag! HA!

So I invited two friends and said we should totally go!

Now with the ticket purchasing...

General admission was $12 and Admission plus Goodie Bag was $30 but goodie bag tickets were on sale for a limited time at $12! Score!!! ...Right?!

On the site they boasted of an amazing Goodie Bag with full sized products along with a list of vendors contributing to the bag. So what the heck! Lets get the Goodie Bag!

We arrive at the event, it's huge! We check in, and are given an arm band and a goodie bag ticket.
"So where do we get the goodie bags?"... " In there"

We walk into the first ballroom and its packed with vendors and at first glance we think yay! then upon inspection we see it's all cheap jewelry vendors. jewelry from the chinese beauty supply jewelry cheap. *hangs head*

We then make our way to the BACK of the room in a dinky corner and there's a guy handing out what appears to be empty gift bags.

Noooooo those aren't the goodie bags!.....Are they?!!!!

The Goodie Bag

Soft Lips, Presson Nails, Miss Jessies Free Sample, Body Shop Free Sample, Unicorn Birthday Card
At least the Unicorn card had glitter...right?! -_-

Yes folks...that was the $30 Goodie Bag. I can't..I just cannot.

So what about the ladies that paid the full $30 for that?!!! Nothing in there costs $2.00 much less $30?!

Also if a guest is actually paying for a Goodie Bag, which in all fairness should be complimentary, it makes the expectations WAY high..and to this?!

Pretty City spoiled my with a bag packed to the brim and tearing at the seams for how filled it was..with FULL sized products.

None of the vendors listed on the site were there, nothing that was promoted was received at this event.

We also stood in line to have a psychic reading only to be told that there was a mandatory tip of $20.00 to have your palm read. Mandatory...tip? wait...what?!

I do a very good job at reading my own's called face palming.

From what I understand it used to be a great event and because they allowed all these cheap and rude vendors the great vendors left.

I didn't even take pictures of the event itself, mostly because I was in denial. The best part was hanging out with my friends, although next time we will skip it and head to the bar.

My humble recommendation on having a great night out with the girls with great vendors to explore? Check out Pretty City Atlanta.

Guess who will be receiving those birthday cards for her birthday next year.
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