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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sam Fine Beauty Event Atlanta

Today Atlanta was treated to a Beauty Event put on by Marian Anderson of Haute Travels featuring Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine.

The event was sponsored by Bare Escentuals, Vitamin Water Zero and L' Bel Cosmetics and Ernest Washington Studios ( with a few goodies from each).
Gifts from sponsors 

We were also introduced to Lisa Williams the founder of  Living Water for Girls, an organization for young girls who are victims of prostitution who was the beneficiary of this event.

Marian introducing Lisa of Living Water for Girls

The attendees were a great mix of pro makeup artists, aspiring makeup artists, the every day woman and beauty bloggers.

As one of Sam Fine's followers on twitter ( see my post on his Twitter Beauty Tips HERE) it is evident that he is one of the few makeup artists that are open to sharing their knowledge to everyone who is interested in learning, from fellow artists to the every day woman.

Mr. Fine as he greeted us
We were all excited to meet him, some, like myself for the first time and others to re-unite and this was evident by the cheers as he made his entrance. ( which was grand fyi :) )

Sam began with Q& A's with us answering questions ranging from application tips and his experience within the industry, which then flowed into his live makeup demo. I won't go into step by step details on the makeup demonstration, for that you can pick up his dvd Basics of Beauty, however I will post pics and a few quotables from the event.

Sam's Top Five Makeup Items: 

Sam listed these as a basic must have for the "17 year old face"

-Concealer, Loose translucent powder, mascara, bronzer, lip gloss. 

For the "mature face" he added Lipstick and Eyeliner, brow pencil if needed

Sam explaining product application

Application Tips:

-Look up to your mirror to make the skin under the eyes taught to apply concealer then set with loose translucent powder

- Use concealer before applying foundation

- Don't use a pressed powder as a setting powder as it is a foundation in itself and will not set the powder.

-Women with a deeper skintone should not bypass bright colours, the colours in their skin will mix well with the product colour and not appear as bright in the compacts.

- For coverage choose cream foundations

-Use a 2 ply tissue to blot and remove oil from foundation.

-Matte shadows are more a more versatile wear. 

- Use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than your natural brows to fill in where needed.

-Groom brow hairs with clear mascara

-Bacteria will always be in products once open, mascara 1 month old has bacteria, mascara 6 months old should be thrown away

Fine Quotes:

" Makeup is a personality, and trial and error"

"Tips for women who wear glasses? Choose a nice frame"

" A makeup artist will give you what you give them time for "

" We are artists and we are sensitive, but we are also servants to our clients"

"Be honest to our selves and to our clients and their expectations"

and my favouriteeeeeeeeeee quote for the day:

wait for itttttttttttttt......

wait for ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.................

" Our job isn't easy, Imagine going into work, and having a new computer and a different supervisor every day..that's what it's like for us" <-----------werd.

When asked what would the Sam Fine today tell the Sam Fine 20 years ago, Sam answered "Become Incorporated and get a tax man sooner".  Sounds about right! 

Overall the event was a great success, I had a great time and some good laughs, although I do have to say I wish we had more time as he was only able to a natural look, BUT! All the attendees left with copies of his DVD so we can watch him work "live" as much as we want to :D

Yes that does say to Saj LOL

Thank you Sam for being an amazing artist, I had a great time and thank you to Haute Travels for the great event.

Me and look haute! hehe

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at

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