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Friday, June 24, 2011

MUA DIY: Earring Organizer Pt. 2

A while back I posted a DIY Earring Holder that I made whice I loveeeeeee :) but since then I have been stuck with my rings and little knob earrings. I've been keeping them in ring boxes until I found something to do with them.....So guess what!!!!! :D

I found this at Claires on sale for $9!! whoop!!! I was a bit worried if it would hold everything turns out it does!

Perfect! Now to Sajify it :D.  I stippled it with a soft gold paint to give it a more rustic antique-ish look, changed the ribbon hanger to a tulle ribbon and strung some pearls on it, added a few stones that I used on the Earring Frame to match and VOILA!

After I hung it I noticed that it leans forward a bit at the top which is fine but I preferred it to be against the wall so I rehung it by the flower instead of the tulle ribbon.

What do you think?! :)


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