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Friday, May 13, 2011

MUA DIY: Earring Organizer

Alright Craft time!!!

I've been searching for a jewelry holder for earrings for months now and could not find any that works with my type of earrings, since I own a lot of chandelier earrings.

Solution? Make my own! :D yay! I've always been pretty crafty making stuff but it's been a while since I've made a full project so I was pretty excited about this.. yay!!!! *can you tell? :D )

The Supplies
I picked up some supplies at Hobby Lobby (OMG I WANNA LIVE THERE) 3D Stickers, Pearl stickers, Vintage Buttons,  Mosaic Mesh and a Poster Frame. The tulle I had before left over from wedding decor.

What I did was take out the back and glass of the frame, added the mesh on the back of the frame and decorated it! It's a quick and easy project but I made a day of it complete with cupcakes :P

The Finished Project!
My Jewelry Corner

Now I chose a long narrow frame because my earrings tend to be long as you can see, but this can be done with any size frame

Also you can substitute the mesh I used with a wire mesh for a silver look. I chose mine for the cream colour.

I love it! It goes perfectly with my necklace holder. I used wall hangers for my necklaces, they came bronze but I stippled a bit of gold paint over it for a bit of texture.

No more detangling necklaces or missing earrings!
What do you think?? :D

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