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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nail Kit Downsizing

So if you're one of those MUA's (like myself) that tend to bring a well rounded kit for "just in case moments", you pretty much will have a "nail kit"

My nail kit has the basics:  Polishes, files, press on nails, nail clippers, polish remover and cuticle oil. Any special "artsy" nails I purchase as needed etc.

The last time I did nails for a shoot I noticed that the nail drawer in my kit was mad heavy! The nail polishes really added on some weight. This is it below:
Heavy drawer!
My solution! Typical MUA move...depotting! or rebottle-ing? lol

I ordered these mini polish bottles from Ebay for $10 ( 12 mini bottles ) which came with the silver mixing ball inside, and filled them with my nail polishes!
I don't think they are "Zoya" brand, I believe the seller just put them in there for shipping
The filling part was pretty easy as the opening was wide enough for a steady stream to pour in, zero mess!

These are the filled bottles and all packed away in their drawer. Be sure to label where needed, e.g. I have a white basic polish and a white crackle polish, so I labeled all the crackle polishes "Shatter". ( after I took the pic lol )

The weight difference is tremendous! Definitely something worth looking into.

P.S You can also check out Sephora or OPI retailers as they tend to have sets with mini bottles of polish which I will purchase from now on. I need a new french pink and beige

Of course with all this polish play I did my nails :D


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