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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Billboard Awards

As usual I missed the show (had an early call time so I went to bed) but I did see Brittney and Rhianna's performance which although very crotchy was also very boring. Beyonce's performance was cool with the graphics and effects but it was still very...Beyonce, nothing from her usual.

Unto the makeup! First question was anyone really at this show?!?! who was on the white carpet?! wait what?! *kanye shrug*

Here are the 4 (yes 4 smh) that made it to my Fave Makeup List:

Ke$ha: LOVED her makeup and hair, gorgeous smokey eye love love the blue green shimmer in it, creating the hot mess that is Ke$ha. We all know that shes a and she rocks it well

Rhianna: LOVE this girls makeup absolutely gorgeous! I also like the idea of her hairstyle but the wig itself is way to dense. Mabe try an 80% density on the wig next time and not 150%


Taylor Swift: Her usual classic prettyness. I will admit sometimes she weirds me out, I just wanna shake her sometimes and tell her to go play in the grass and stop being a minature Nicole Kidman. She has the rest of her life to be that way embrace being YOUNG.

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez: She looked pretty hawt for a young'un. Loved her hair and the subtle smokey eye

Selena Gomez
THATS IT! :/ smh

Now I don't normally post images of what I don't like, my blog is not really a place for pulling ppl down OR other artists these are just my opinions, I don't say things to mean I'm a better artist than so and so but I'm entitled to my professional opinion.

With that said...ya'll come get your girl Nikki..............


Now those who know me KNOW that I'm all for hair colour changes heck I had that colour in myself...but this is just WRONG. 

I am not a huge Minaj fan but I will say I am completely disappointed in how she is being managed. 

She's at the top of her game making hits etc all that good stuff. WHY is she being managed so CHEAPLY??!?!! she's a STAR and should be treated as such. And not be sent out in public with that brown lip liner and drag brows.

Nikki did you do your own makeup? Listen as a fellow caribbean woman, I'll hook you up soon and sculpt that pretty face of yours :)

[end rant]

I will also add because I know many will ask why they aren't on the list:

 Kelly Rowland as pretty as she is I felt the makeup was to matchy and sweet 16. I feel like it looks like how i used to do my own makeup circa 2001 BEFORE becoming a pro mua. Not that it was bad it was just so basic. Deff not a $1,000 face.

Beyonce's makeup didn't do anything for me either, it was a fresh faced smokey eye and I just feel someone like Beyonce her makeup NEEDS to be sculpted and structural. A 16 year old covergirl type makeup doesn't do her justice.

Mary J, Yea I couldn't see her face between the bangs and the dress :/


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  1. I thought Kelly's make up was a change (better She usually wears earthy tones. It was one of the rare occasions where she added "color" to her make-up

  2. I think this is one of the best styles Rihanna has worn since she dyed her hair that color. I do agree that it was a tad to dense as well. As for Kelly, she's such a gorgeous girl but that look wasn't doing it for me...she looks much better when she wears her natural short cut. I thought she could've done something more than a Herve Leger bandage dress. But, she did look great in it!