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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding....

Royal Makeup?...errrrrrrrrr not so much!

Sad eyes :(
So the Royal Wedding Has come and gone (finally) and though I didn't see it, I was preparing myself for the next day on what her makeup will look like.

Most makeup artists already got wind that she decided to do HER OWN makeup for the day and hired a professional to teach her techniques for the day. hmm...While I do understand that doing your own makeup could be calming giving you some personal time....... why not just hire the same pro on the day?

 The result?................................meh...

She seemed to have aged herself over night, the foundation was too thickly applied along with the super harsh eyeliner that ages terriblyyyyyy and only enhances any eye wrinkles. It also made her eyes appear super tiny and sunken. The brows...oh dear...way to dark and were not shaped or defined correctly. Her lips could have done with a bit more to balance with the eyes being so heavy and harsh they seem to disappear.

Pucker up for the kiss!...a lot

I guess it could have been worse, but learning a few classes from a pro will never give you that magic that we have developed over doing this business for years.

I'm not sure how the makeup lessons went, but I would have suggested that she have the pro mua create her exact wedding look and teach her how to apply that look... If THIS WAS the look? ahhhhhhh *leaves*

Gorgeous in her dress

 Every bride wants to feel like a  Princess, looking extra special and magical on their day, and to me  ONLY a pro mua can do this.

For a real Princess like Kate, I find she just looked meh in the face..a shame really.

Her hair was nice and the dress was lovely, well suited to her frame with a classic silhouette.

What did you think?
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  1. sooo the story is that, for her official engagement announcement she DID NOT like the makeup job the professional MUA did...sooo she went in the bathroom, washed it off and applied her own that's why she decided to do her own makeup the day of the wedding!! she looked sooo old in the face i was shocked :| ahh well, she doesnt even seem to care lol

  2. Oh dear! Well thats why for the wedding you have a makeup trial, if you hate it...then u get someone else until you find the perfect one! OMG!!! That's no excuse!. You're right too I mean she still is a princess.

  3. Ok the makeup up-close nuh look toooo righteous but lawd I love her dress and hair....understated and elegant...and nice.

  4. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)