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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review: ELF Essentials Shadow Collection

So my hawt cat lady fashionista cousin suggested that I review a few ELF products and find out the hype behind these $1 cosmetics. Prior to this I have tried a few of the glosses which weren't too bad so I agreed and she sent me over a little package.

Lets check out the swatches....first indication that this is an E.pic L.ooking F.ail (<<<---- :D :D :D )
the colours come out very faint and powdery/chalky. Powdery is NOT a good thing in a pressed  shadow. The texture feels like cornstarch... smooth but weird :/ (I'm sorry that's the best I can describe it right now).

Ok so naturally like most cheaper shadows it needs a primer to hang on to. 
I used the first two of the duo sets  pictured above and did a quick look on each eye using the 
confused brush/pencil that came with the set. 
I'll just add here that personally I am not a fan of "double" brushes/things they just look confused to me..personal opinion!

The result!

Very muddy looking eyeshadow :/

While the pigment did come out better over a primed lid the product does not blend easily and goes on quite dull....and chalky. You can see that they appear splotchy in some places.

Even if you are trying to get beauty on a budget I wouldn't recommend  this set of shadows, there are WAY more better drug store brands that you can check out. 

What They Say:
Easy to blend formula that is crease resistant and long lasting. Each gorgeous shade can be worn alone or together for a dramatic effect

Sajville's population says no not

*All What They Say quotes are taken from the products website*

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