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Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review: Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow

When Revlon first brought out these cream shadow palettes I picked up two with more neutral shades and quite enjoyed them. They were pretty long lasting for a cream shadow and creased only after a few hours....So naturally when I saw this palette with these colours I went OOOooooooOOooooo!!!!

....womp womp womppppppp

As that standard with these cosmetic companies.... when you have a product that works well...what better than to change the forumla!!!!.....right????....PFFT! But Revlon is famous for this..they took Colour Stay Foundation which was amazing and added this Softflex crap...for no reason... n e way!

The texture of this is No where close to my original palettes so naturally...this creases like crazy!

First the swatches...these are the colours below:
Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow: Black Magic

You can see its creasing already! smh
This is how it looks with eyes open
I created a soft smokey eye look since I was going out during the day and I set the colours with a loose Translucent Powder.

It came out very pretty I will say but this look will really only last you an hour or two the most which sucks! For those who would still like to try it or have already purchased a set here's how to get the best of out it!

Application Tips: 

-Apply an eye primer over lids from lashline to brow

- Apply Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow with finger tips or a small fluffy blush to blend.

-Start off light and build up colour as needed for your look.

- Using a medium sized fluffy eyeshadow brush "set" the creme shadow with regular powder eyeshadow in matching colours. e.g Set the black with a shimmery black powder shadow, the shimmer white with a powder shimmery white shadow etc. *This will make the colours bolder for a softer look set with translucent powder*

So! at the end of the worth it is this purchase?

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