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Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review: Gel Polish

So a couple months ago I had my first Gel Manicure for my PR's bday in a colour of her choice... blue ^.^

I love polishing my nails BUT it never lasts more than ONE day...srsly..O.N.E. day and I couldn't get into the acrylics again :/ I keep my nails short and that made no sense to me plus getting makeup under there is just eeeekkk!!!
... so I just keep my nails natural and buffed to a shine and that's it!

ENTER THE GEL!!!! *dumm dee dummmmmmmmm!*

The brand used was Gelish and the colour payoff was amazing, the gel manicure took about 10-15 minutes including a basic manicure first ( soak, treat cuticles etc ) and the polish is dry.. COMPLETELY DRY..not "okay your dry...get to car...SHIT!"

What I also loved was the finish that it has, its super shiny and looks finished the way a great acrylic mani looks.
Gelish brand Gel Manicure
I kept the mani on for about 3 weeks with no chipping but you do get that space at the bottom as your nail grows out. 

To remove a Gel manicure you will have to soak it off in acetone.
I just peeled them off and decorated hubby with them ^.^
Hubby is an Avatar!

OPI: Azzium Gel Polish

I did a second Gel Mani in NYC but this time it was with the OPI's Brand of Gel Polish: Axxium
with glitter which was pretty!  SPARKLEEEEEE!!!! 

Out of the two brands Gelish gets my vote!. I found it was way more durable and lasted approximately 6 days longer!! 

So how much does a Gel Mani rate on the Sajie scale?....

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