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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Product Review: OPI Shatter

Ok..yes yes I know I'm late! but this stuff is NEVER in stock yo! Luckily I was at Ulta when they just packed this outta the shipment box :D JACKPOT!

I'm excited to use this, I remember when Cover Girl came out with this concept first called "Crackle" *Tyra was the campaign model..or it might have been Nikki ..yes.. that long ago* (did I just age myself?)  but I was such a nail biter then :/  so made no sense.

So the concept is that this polish will "Separate" i.e shatter after applied giving a textured look. This can be worn over bare nails or any shade of "Regular" polish.

It tried it out over a neon pink polish and here is what I got!

I keep my nails pretty short being a makeup artist and all, but I'm sure this will be way more epic on longer nails.  I will continue to stalk the store for other colours when they get back in stock :D

Application Tip: Apply a thin coat of the shatter polish to get maximum..well..shatter. If not it will separate in bigger chunks which defeats the purpose.

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