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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best Red Pout Amina Doherty Goes Tropical!

Earlier this year I "hosted" the MakeupbySAJ Beauty Awards and winner of the Best Red Pout Amina Doherty finally came from London town to get Sajified!

Amina has gone through a lot of personal and professional achievements and decided to treat herself to a shoot worthy of the Glamazon she is! I was honoured to be with her on this part of her journey :)

Fun Facts!
Check out how much we have in common!:

-Her first name is my Middle name ( the A in Saj )
-We are both left handed
-We are both super Little Monsters ( Gagaloooo!!!!!!!)
- We are both Glamazons; she is 6' 1" and I am 6'
-Amaretto = our middle name <3
-We both loveee pink and red lipstick :P
- Accessories junkies
- Girly dress lovers!!!

I could go on and on LOL our one difference....she does Flats! and I don't LOL I have to say though she wears them so fab I could be tempted hehe

Check out Amina rocking Orange and Pink lips! I kept her makeup very clean but added a little colour to her eyes using blues, greens and purple to go with her flirty personality.  Lip colour was changed to match her outfits! I adoreeeeeeee the  Animal print dress <3 <3 Loves it!

Photography by Joseph Jones of Studio JoJan St. John's Antigua.

How cute!!!!!! 

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


  1. Awww spectacular work and she is absolutely amazing and beautiful.


  3. u rockin the lipstick hard ams,, good job as usual with the make up sara..... kisses to u both...( dnt forget the sunshine bottle ams) lol,, london cold.....

  4. Very Cool! Love the changes in lipsticks they bring the image together and matche with the dresses!! Great Job!

  5. Absolutely Fabulous "Queen" Amina! Kudos to SAJ and JOJAN for making an already fabulous human being even more fab. Love it!

  6. H.O.T. Hot! You are seriously rocking it Ams :)

  7. Not the flirty personality though ;)...I taught you well!

  8. Ams u rock.. as always looking gorgeous
    love u bestie!!!

    p.s tap teef neaga money inna pimps and ho's!

  9. Sweetheart, I awarded you the “I love your blog Award”.
    Your Blog is Beautiful I love reading it, so keep the posts coming.

    Check out the Award:


  10. I love that hot pink lippie! Looks great!

  11. very nice sara keep it up !

  12. Fantastic work. Amina looks great, the colour and imagery is spectacular. WOW
    Well Done!!!!!!

  13. Sara ... amazing job! I'm really happy to see how successful you are ... truly inspiring!