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Monday, April 5, 2010

10 Seconds with Filise Persaud Spring Baby 09!

So I finally got a chance to catch up with my first Spring Beauty ('09) Filise Persaud via Facebook Chat to find out what's the latest in her new life! Well 10 seconds of it at least ;)

SAJ: Fillayyyyy!!!!!! so do tell where in the world are you?!

Filise: California!

SAJ: ELL AYYYYY NICE! So what to you to Cali?

Filise: Documentary Filmaking at the New York Film Academy

SAJ: Great Stuff!!! So are you going Indie? :P

Filise: No. Not ready to waste my life like that. haha

SAJ: ahaha So we are going for the big wigs then! I agree :D

Filise: Oui! btw I'm eating wings..sounds like wigs LOL

SAJ: better than Ramen! any modeling in Cali yet?

Filise: Yes, helping out a friend at Brooks Institute right now

SAJ: ooooo! I wanna see pics!

Filise: Soon as we're done the project will be Facebookerized hehe

SAJ: hehe So as the first Spring Baby, what tips would you give to the Five Spring hopefuls?

Filise: Learn to smile with your eyes. haha and be You!

SAJ: ahaha smizeeeing! yes and being you is very important, I still have your dress in my closet..I'm still    tempted to wear it...or go swimming.. :D

Filise: Someone asked me if that's what we wear back home hahah!! Go swimming in it like I did!

SAJ: LOL noo we wear grass skirts with coconuts! ..duh!!!! :P

Out of the 5 girls who is ur fave? dish dish!

Filise: Jessica! her freckles are so pweety!!!!!

SAJ: I know right!!! I love them too

Filise: I'm going to put brown eyeliner dots all over my face!

SAJ: ahahaah LOL admits I've done that myself a few times 

Check out Filise below on set directing! Loves it!

Click HERE to view her first Short titled: Head Trip 

Filise in Fall '09 Beauty Trends shoot, our last shoot together! tear ;(

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