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Friday, December 9, 2011

ASK SAJ: How to Apply Fake Lashes?

 Samantha and Chantal P. ask 
 How do I apply false lashes? 

Lashes can be a beautiful thing to spice your look up and add extra glam for special occasions.

The first steps to a great faux lash are the actual lashes of course!

-Go for human hair lashes: ( you might not have noticed it but they really are made from hair) the cheaper ones are made with a plastic type fiber that will never look natural.

-Full strip lashes:  Full strips are way easier to apply on yourself than individual lashes and they are made with specific looks to give you the effect you need.

- Lashes with invisible bands: The band of the lash is the strip where the hairs are attached, I recommend the strips where the band is clear as opposed to a solid black strip which looks un natural and they are harder to apply.

Lashes with Invisible band easier and more natural looking
Lashes with Solid band harder to apply not as natural looking

-Natural style lash: I firmly believe that just like anything other enhancement, it should look NATURAL, it's better to have someone say "Wow your lashes are really nice" as opposed to "Oh great fake lashes".

My fave lashes are the Ardell 110 and 117 lash and both are available in black and brown.
Ardell 110

Ardell 117

If you're walking around a corner and we can see your lashes BEFORE YOU...take em off..okay.
I was going to post a pic of that...but i can't

Next is the application

-Adhesive: Those little tubes of glue that come with the lashes? DUMP THEM, they are the leading cause of "lifting lashes" on 1 of every 5 women -___- Pros use Duo eyelash adhesive, and Ardell makes their brand of it, along with a few other types. Revlon also makes a great adhesive.  Those are the only three that I know of that are great. ( if you know any other feel free to share :) )

- Tweezers: used to pick up the lash and place it to your lashes, personally I suck at this, I do much better with my fingers than tweezers.

-Cuticle Scissors: Chances are, 99.9% of the time, a full strip of lash will be to long for your eyes, use a cuticle scissors to cut them to size.


To apply your lashes just follow a few basic guidelines and eventually it will become easy to apply.

-Remove lashes from case with fingers or tweezers and place along your eye (without glue) starting at the beginning of your real lashes. If the strip of lashes go past the outer corner of your eye, pinch the excess to mark the spot, remove from eye and cut with small scissors. Repeat the same for second lash.

- Curl your natural lashes ( if needed) and apply a light coat of mascara, if your makeup look calls for a liner, do this now also.

-Once this is done for both lashes, apply a small amount of glue along the strip, wave it for a few seconds to get the glue tacky, making the glue get a bit tacky will prevent the lashes from sliding off and lifting while waiting to dry. Place the strip on top, against your natural lash-line and press it gently in place. Try not to stick it to the skin above your lash-line.

*Trick Alert!* Now it's going to be tricky getting the lashes in the right spot, so to make it easier here's what you do. Place a mirror on a table and look down into the mirror, that will place your eyelids in a perfect postion to place the lashes in the exact spot!

Once your lashes are dry and in place, you can finish with another coat of mascara to blend your real lashes into the false lashes.

To remove your lashes ( this depends on the glue you have used) Gently pinch the outer corner of the lashes and "peel" the lashes off, this should be easy and painless. Be sure to check the removal instructions of your adhesive before doing so. Clean the glue and mascara off with makeup remover or alcohol and place them back in the tray until your next use!

Hope this helps ladies!

Check out some lashes below:

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