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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Product Review: Pür Minerals

At a Pretty City Beauty Sample Sale, I picked up this starter kit from Pür Minerals for myself. It was at a discounted price so I thought why not! I'll treat myself and test out at the same time. Win win!

The kit came with the following Products:
Correcting Primer
4 in 1 Pressed Powder Foundation: Light Tan
Mineral Glow (bronzer)
Impact + Mascara
Chisel Brush

Additionally I was given a complimentary Lipgloss with the purchase AND a goody bag with more!!!

The additional products were:
Marble Powder Universal Blush: Bronze
Lipgloss: Crystal Pink, I Heart Pür
Eye Pencil: Polished Stone
Eye Pencil: Polished Stone

Lip Plumping Lip Gloss Crystal Pink
Marble Powder  Blush

What makes Pür Minerals special is that each product contains skin-perfecting ingredients which should correct skin issues such as discolouration, fine lines etc while covering flawlessly.

The line comes in a range of shades in the Light, Tan and Dark categories so it should be easy to find a match. The ladies at the event matched my shade for me in order to purchase my kit.

The application steps are super easy and fool proof and the before and after difference is pretty dramatic, as a makeup artist I'm always asked about mineral products which usually get a thumbs down from me, but with this the vid below of my applying the makeup and see for yourself!

What They Say:

"We know lots of makeup can make you look pretty, but how many can improve clarity or diminish fine lines? 89% saw and improvement in skin tone and over 95% reported a firmer feel and finish. Get an instantly flawless look plus correct your skin's appearance!" *results from 8 weeks clinical study*

I purchased this kit on the 9th of November and used it the next day, every day since then..guys I'm actually seeing a difference on day 17. I will keep at it until day 60 and update you on my skin's status!

Also I did mention in my video that the primer didn't work well for me, but they do have a pretty vast skin care range so I will test out a few of the other primers to see which is better suited to my skin.

I'm fascinated by this brand and it's based out of Atlanta,GA so I plan to find out more about it!
*EDITED  4/4/2012

Just wanted to update you guys that My compact is now finished and I went out today and purchased a fill sized 4 in 1 Foundation. It's not often that a makeup artist completely finishes a product as we are constantly trying new things but this was a keeper!

Sajies say that it's Pür Love!

Shop the products below:

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