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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Genesis Version 2.0 and the story behind the madness ;)

On Sunday I was featured as a designer once again in the annual Fashion Show put on for our local Homecoming Independence celebrations. This year the show was dubbed "Pappy Show" and included a Go Green Designer Challenge.

Enter Saj.....(lol) Hearing the Go Green theme I took it and ran like the wind Bullseye!!!!!   and all I saw was cling wrap futuristic fembots in my mind :D ....Enter stage left...Genesis Vers. 2.0.

The Story of Genesis Vers. 2.0 was one of "our" future. We humans with our advancements brought on an early man-made "Judgement Day" and the world was destroyed...few survived. The strongest of the survivors were 5 women with a plan to begin the rebirth of the human race.

With their skin covered in protective wrappings they went out on a mission to find a strong male survivor to begin the rebirth. Man child!!!!

WHOA! lol seriously this is what goes on in my head with projects, they are ALWAYS accompanied by a story.

The models Nailah Liverpool, Kimberly Ephraim, Larissa James, Kamesha Joseph, Crystal Robinson and Addison George are the most amazing people in the world right now to bring this story to life. You guys gave me goose bumps backstage! OuT.Of.StOcK!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't easy being in cling wrap for hours..thank you so much for being troopers!!!! and MAJOR.FIERCE.

Materials Used were Cling wrap, coloured tape, fan blades, chains

Genesis Vers 2.0 Will be placed high on the shelf that is Sajville

Man on the hunt

Man Captured!

Get him girls!

Thanks also to Vanda Neal Gardner and Richard Young for allowing the madness on stage :)

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  1. The pics were interesting to watch....would have love to see them first hand...Good stuff...