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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fashion Show Post  #2.0 :D ( so corny i love it)

As I mentioned there was a Go Green Designer challenge where each featured designer was asked to created a piece using recyclable materials. So along with my segment which I also decided to "Go Green" with.... I created this little number called "FANDANGLE"


It was a hot mess of madness as per usual, I just knew that I wanted a little wire skirt and from there with the help of my mom we brainstormed the rest of the outfit. We wanted to keep it with wire and plastic but felt that there needed to be another tough of metal and we couldn't figure out what to use..and right outside our studio in the trash were fan cages....... EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( we grabbed the fan blades too and gave those to Addison for Geneis Vers 2.0 ) :)

We redesigned the top to make it more Adurey Hepburn-esque The Raaaiinnnn in Spaaaiinnn....
and ended up with the finished project which I absolutely loved hehe

The rundown:

Hat: Fan Cage
Wire Skirt: Wire mesh, trimmed with plastic bags, chain hardware, and a plastic table cloth train
Shirred Skirt: Plastic bag
Ankle Jewelry: Clear Bead Spikes ( had to do somethin with the shoes u kno me ;) )
Belt: Cd Shards with Plastic bag center

The back of the top says "100% recyclable Thank you have a nice day" from a shopping plastic bag

Not bad for a Makeup Artist ternt Designer :D

More pics at MakeupbySAJ and Studio JoJan




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