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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Faves

So Ive been asked many times what are my favourite products, while I firmly believe that each person should experiment and find their personal preferences also ( as i don't believe in strict makeup rules), there are definitely a few things that my makeup bag and kit MUST have :)

Dior show Mascara:
I first used this mascara when working at a beauty counter for a short spell for Dior and it was love at first lash! I have really long and full natural lashes and this just goes through them coating every lash and keeping them separated. No matter how many coats you put on they will not clump and get weird. Also not just for long lashes it really works great with any length and type. The waterproof is a serious waterproof; a Tsunami can budge this baby. The Azure (blue) is beautiful! It comes out exactly as it’s shown in the picture on your lashes! My rating out of 10- Dior show Mascara is an 11!

Mac Lip Glass vs NYX Lip Gloss:

Now I've always said, I'm no "brand" slave, what ever the line, what ever the product as long as it works! We have here the "high end- marketing guru" Mac Lip glass and the "drugstore type brand" NYX Lip gloss. My take? The Mac Lip glasses are scrumptious, the smell great, to feel great- not too heavy and not too light and the colours are beautiful. The NYX Lip glosses are also scrumptious, they smell great, they feel great and are slightly of a thicker consistency than the Mac Lip glass and also higher in pigment. So the only difference is whether you want to pay $20 or $5 and if you want a thicker or thinner gloss. I love them both, I use the Mac Lip glasses when i want a sheer colour or over my fave lipstick ( coming up next) and the NYX Glosses for the best of both worlds, gloss and bright colour. So which gloss wins? BOTH!

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