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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo

I picked up two of the Maybelline 24 HR Eye Studio Color Tattoo Cream Shadows to give them a test run and see how well they hold up to the hype.

I got two shades 50 Edgy Emerald and 25 Bad to the Bronze 

These are super pigmented cream gel shadows which boast to last up to 24 hrs for full wear without creasing. The texture is very creamy which allows for easy application and blending, most cream shadows are either too creamy or too dry but I think these have a great balance.

 50 Edgy Emerald, 25 Bad to the Bronze 
On Pigmentation.. 

Swatches below I just used my finger with no primers. The Bronze shade went on easily however the Emerald took a few swipes to get the full pigment.
25 Bad to the Bronze, 50 Edgy Emerald

 Here they are on my eyes applied with my finger only.

The Bronze shade went on super easy and very pigmented, the shade itself is a warm copper with gold highlights. This was applied over bare skin with no base.
25 Bad to the Bronze 

25 Bad to the Bronze 
 The Emerald shade was not as successful as the Bronze, which you can see in the pics below, it applied very splotchy and sheer and took a lot of layering  to get the result in the pictures, which isn't really good. I even gave it time to dry and re apply a second layer which just picked up the first layer. Brush, eye primer, powder also did not help.

I find that usually the brightly coloured cream shadows tend to have pigmentation and application issues.
50 Edgy Emerald 

It's a shame as the colour is so pretty. Naturally, you can apply a coat of the Emerald Colour Tattoo shadow then go over it with a matching powder shadow, however I believe that products should work they way companies say they will. No sense in purchasing a product that required a crutch.

This product also claims to last 24 hours, but we ladies wash our faces before going to bed....right? yes?excellent. 

I kept the shadows on for 5 hours and they have NOT budged, I movement. No creasing, nada, zilch! how awesome is that!! Even the Emerald has stayed put in all it's patchy glory.

What They Say:
"Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow. 
Our ink technology creates super-saturated color. 
Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade. "

Overall I do really like the Bronze and will look at exploring more of the colours. What do you think? Have you tried any yet? 

Sajies say..

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