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Sunday, August 14, 2011

MUA MANI: Water Marbling Technique

A wardrobe stylist acquaintance friend in my head  posted this tutorial on her page and I immediately ran out to buy a set of polishes to try it out!'s not as easy as it looks lol! Which I expected the same way I make a smokey eye look super easy ^_^ hehe.

But it was very fun to do! here are my efforts below, the pics pretty much tell the entire adventure LOL!

I used these polishes I wanted to get a tropical garden effect like mommy's garden back home

Pattern attempt #456776543 err this is an endangered species of flower..yes?

After the dip! not bad lol

err...I donno LOL!

Not super flowery but I kinda like it!

Thumbs Came out awesome!

Clearly u see the patterns on both hands DO NOT MATCH LOL!

Check out the video tutorial from the pro....then you can enjoy laughing at my attempts :P

This is absolutely fun to do! I'm going to do this every week and just play around. The trickiest part I think was aiming for the design because my nails are short, and cleaning up the excess in the water..I kept hitting the nail with the orange stick smh.

Butttt I did get complimented on my nails today from my clients and hubby says they look "digital"

You like? :)


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  1. Oh my Gaga!!!! Looks amazing! I love it!!! I'm laughing at the friend in my head bit. So Wendy Williams. :-p

  2. YAY! I'm going to get re-addicted to polish again lol