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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product Review: Lime Crime Pop Romance Lipstick

I've been wanting to try these lippies for a while and decided to take the opportunity and pick up a few as a birthday gift to myself during the Lime Crime FB Fan sale.

I got three colours: D'lilac, Great Pink Planet and Mint to Be, I would have preferred Airbourne Unicorn which is a deeper lilac and Centrifuchsia which is a bright fuchsia but they were out of stock :(...which came into stock during the weeks I was waiting on my order...smh.

I'm usually a colourful person and tend to rock the unusual so I figured these could be added to my personal stash.

So the lippies finally arrived yesterday. First gripe! :/ I placed my order the 1st July and only received them the 22nd July completely missing my bday (11th July) oh well! :(

I did a few quick lip swatches of them on my lips to play with the colours and I have to say hubby who is normally quite supportive of my random fits of colour is NOT a fan..he says and I quote " They are to pale and creamy like and would probably be more editorial" LOL loves it!

Mint To Be


Great Pink Planet
Okay my views now:
First the packaging:

I personally think the tubes are cute ( but I am a hello kitty glitter junkie soooooo you might not want to take my word on that lol :P ) also they came in a really cute printed box, I only wish they shipped it in a different box or bag so that I could keep the designed box but it's destroyed with all the postage labels. I also think that opens up orders for theft from the post office?

The Lipsticks!

The lipsticks themselves have a nice smell to them and are SUPER creamy and very thick because of the high pigmentation and the colours are true to what you see online.

Hubby is right tho, because of the thick creamy-ness it can be overbearing if not applied with a few tricks that I will post below.

I wore the Great Pink Planet today ( after he made me remove the D'lilac lol ) from 2pm-10pm with NO touchups and it lasted pretty good even with copious amounts of water, sweat tea, conversation, smooching and singing along to Gagaloo...and only fell apart at an all you can eat buffet ^_^

The colour also did NOT bleed, I applied it straight from the tube, no concealer, foundation or liner on my lips. So they really do stand on their own.

Great Pink Planet

Quick pic before going to eat after a LONG day...evident by my greazyness EW! lol
Colour still looks AMAZING with NO touchups throughout the day 

Overall they are nice fun and really long lasting lipsticks but keep in mind that the light colours are very light and pastel and may not flatter every complexion and lip shape. But they DO have lots more colour variety so check them out still if Mint to be isn't your thing lol.

I am going to try mixing my colours and playing with coloured liners to create different looks.

Application Tips:

- Ensure to exfoliate your lips as the heavy pigmentation will show up dry and cracked lips

- Dab lip colour on as opposed to swiping motion to press in pigment and avoid the overly creamy
appearance. If you can't do that well then apply as usual and blot lips on a tissue to remove excess.

- Use a flesh toned lipliner with lipcolour to keep the shape and dimension of your lips, the paleness of these can "erase" your natural lip shape

On the Sajie Scale?........

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