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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stolen Work: Candy Lip Shoot

Two images from the Candy Lip series
sigh............................... where do I begin?

Back in '08 my father Joseph Jones Photography and I created a candy lip concept and shot it with model Sophia James. It was a hit everyone loved it....apparently too much.

Fast forward to my first Face of SAJ competition. Spring '09 where Filise was the winner, I held a Show me Your Spring competition which was geared to women recreating Filise's makeup look and the winner received a mini brush set.


So the winner of that competition became a "makeupartist"


Fast forward years later and I get this email:

"Hey Saj its Sashe' Ward from facebook that won one of ur competitions
last yr. As you may have seen im starting to branch out with the
makeup! Thanks to the brushes you sent that made me take my interest
in makeup to another level, for that I wish to say thank you. I would
like to ask a favor, I'm in the process of doing my business cards and
I was wondering if i could use 2 of your candy images. I was going to
recreate it but im back in Miami and a GREAT photographer is hard to
find and I was speaking to my main photographer and he said this would
be a greta way to shoe Homage to my Idol. Of course I would publish it
to facebook giving all props to your images and as my Idol in the
makeup industry. If this is possible please let me know, I'd greatly
appreciate it!

Here is some of my work just incase you haven't seen it lately.
( *☆ ☆╮
 /  ∮ /))))
 \ ☆ ( (
 ( ☆ *  _/
 \ *╯\

Sashe' Ward
Island Beauty Ent."

Ok why...... that is just an oxymoron unto itself... so this is my response:

Sara Jones

 to Sashe
show details Oct 16
Hey hun!

How are you! yes i've seen you blossoming out, keep it up!!!! :)

about the cards thanks so much you are too sweet, but i definitely have to say no to that :( 

As you are starting out you deff don't want another artists work because chances are you might run into a client that is also my client and recognize it and you'll get into all sorts of confusion, even a stock image will ruin you before you get fully off the ground. so i would use one of your own, if none satisfy you yet  then just go completely without an image until you get to that image that you love.

- Show quoted text -
Sara A. Jones

see my politeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sashe Ward
show details Oct 16
Thanks honey I understand and appreciate the love! We should work together sometime!Sashe' Ward
CEO of Island Beauty Ent.

Ok case closed...... right?


I receive an email with copies of business cards featuring her name... my images ....... on xmas eve fyi

Cards with my images

So I immediately make contact asking did you use my images?!!!!!!! and this is the reply

Sashe Island-Beautyent Ward 24 December at 13:27 Report
I asked a guy in sk to make me some cards and he went hunting for pics and that's what he gave me first and that's when I realised and asked u, after that he came up with a new design theni recreated the same looks for the new one!


So apparently what I'm seeing is not my work but recreated work? I think its quite obvious that its my images. 

Heres the best part too, my old business cards have NO images black and silver, and a few weeks ago I ordered new business cards with pictures on the back of OF COURSE MY CANDY LIP IMAGES ARE ON THEM. Hence me having to do this. and this is EXACTLY what I meant in my response.  I will update you guys further on the outcome.

Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


  1. WOW!!! Sister cant be serious! why would you want to use an image of another artist??? Dont you wanna show what you can do? And cant find a good photographer in the whole of MIAMI!!
    SAJ please watermark your images