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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waterproof Makeup

Many people want waterproof makeup, for bridal, pool parties, photoshoots etc.

But are they really waterproof? YES and I have proof!

I was working with an upcoming model Barima Joseph and our last day of shooting took us to the beach ( **See: Sea Water**). Now we didn't intend for her to go swimming...errmm it just kinda happened!!!! LOL Pictures below are in the order of Before, During and After :P 




After :D :

Products Used:
Foundation: MAC Face and Body Foundation
Eyes: MAC Paint Pots
Cheeks: MAC Gloss with powder bronzer over
Lips: Custom made cream lip colour with clear gloss over
Mascara: Loreal Waterproof mascara ( in the blue tube)

It was hilarious, I admit I was laughing like crazy hahaha it's ok Barima and I have been friends for years so she was laughing too :D. A Canadian tourist came by to laugh with us too! It was an awsome day hey?!?!?!!?!!!!

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  1. omg thank you im doing a swimsuit shoot soon and need waterproof suggestions!!

    Great blog