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Monday, January 5, 2009

The modelhunt is over and the winner of the Face of Saj Model Search has been found!!!!

It was a tuff tuff decision to make, however we are very excited and pleased to introduce to you Filise Persuad. 

Filise is 18yrs and is currently beginning her 1st year in college at Island Academy here in Antigua. Her fresh look and beautiful smile, not to mention great skin made her the perfect candidate for this event.

I met with Filise along with photographer Joseph Jones to discuss the full details of the search etc and with her love for photography she was completely surprised and star struck to meet Joseph who actually is her role model for her photography, which she has a great eye for! Perfect match won't you say! :)

Stay tuned to the Lipstick Diary for updates and behind the scene pictures on Filise's progess to the big shoot! We will begin with a test shoot and a free makeup consultation so that she gets the best out of her awsome Makeup prize.

Congrats Filise!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saj Mack is a Professional Makeup Artist in Atlanta Georgia providing over 6 years experience in Beauty, Commercial, Film, Television, Special FX and more. See her work at


  1. Wow, I love her look. shes beautiful but not so much so that she looks unreal...if that make sense.

  2. Wow! Sara you've done it!! she is stunning, young, fresh and looks very natural! She has a lovely smile too which I'm sure helps a lot. Good luck WITH her and TO her! All the best Saj xoxo

  3. Congrats...Sara u rock with all you do... she is perfect... good luck to Dinessa...aka Ladykouture. She Mag here she comes.