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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Bling It On
On the quest to find an affordable mani that lasts more than one second on my nails ( i can't!!!) I decided to give into the hype of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects.

I picked up a box of Bling it On which is a pink glitter ......duh!! LOL

The box comes with two packs of nail strips, 8 stickers in each, instruction sheet, cuticle stick and mini file.
Box contents
The instructions are pretty simple, clean nails with remover, match size of strip to nail, peel protective layer, stick, and file to remove excess.
Placing strip

First nail done!
My first hand went on pretty easy and I was dazzling in my pink sparklezzzzzz yay!!! The left hand was an b#$tch to get on ( I'm left handed) but I found even the strips were difficult in that they were tearing really easy when peeling off the paper layer in comparison to the right hand.

Reading the instructions more it suggested that warmer hands help, and I was working in a cold corner of my I think by the time I got to my left hand it was maybe too cold? I don't know...I'm guessing here.

So I finally got both hands done and only had to redo two on my left hand...and voila!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeee how it looks, and these come in MANY patterns and solid colours so it's fun choosing which one next!

I have five strips left over which I will use to repair/replace as I go along.
Left over pink sparklez makes Saj sad :( and no It can't be saved lol it dries up
The box says it lasts up to 10 days, and I'm pretty sure it CAN last that long if not more....of course as soon as I finished and went to the bedroom my index finger chipped and when I woke up a few more nails were chipped.

I'm typing this on day three of wearing them, I should also add that last night I had a sugar hand scrub and shea butter massage and the strips didn't budge. See below what it looks like now:

The strips are pretty sturdy once applied, even when I messed one up, it took a lot of scraping to get it off. I will say that I really don't judge nail products based on how it chips on MY nails...because my nails are on another level...who chips a STICKER within minutes?? I can't....

Application Tips:
-If you have cold hands, I'd suggest using a blowdryer on a low heat setting to warm the strips up AFTER you've applied it but BEFORE you file off the excess.
- When filing off excess pull the file downwards in one direction, not back and forth, to help wrap the edges over your nail tip.

Have you tried these before? Comment and let me know which pattern you love!

Oh and in Sajville the Sajies LOVE LOVE pink sparklez

Shop the different patterns below:

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